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Oct. 13th, 2008


it's 12.12am!

sch is starting at 9am for me! waking up at 6.30am!

todae's training was light. that's good..didn't have any ache on my knees at all. hopefully this will help me to prepare for tmr's match.

senior sent me halfway home.

met my sec sch basketballmate on my way home. she was with her mum. both waiting for her dad. lucky me? i finally see her dad for the first time after knowing her since sec 1..lolx.

i'm happy because my 'special' friend is coming down on thur to watch me play. my first time having a friend to come down especially to see me play.

receive a news. coach is leaving after next competition which is next year. that's fast. i agree though we are not a strong team, but i'm still surprised that he's leaving so fast..he's a good coach at least.

having 3hrs break, wonder wad my classmates have in mind. its great to see them again though!

having mix feeling right now. happy because will be seeing my classmates again. worried because of the game. in conclusion - i'm confused!

Oct. 12th, 2008

Lyrics for Solbi - Like a star

Youre so far from me.
Im your starlight, but very blurry.
I cant give you enough light.
I always feel sorry because my eyes are clouded.

From now on, I will forget you forever.
You can pretend not to know me forever.
For your happiness, I have to leave you.
I will always shine for you.
I will call your name from far, all alone.
All is for the sake of my love to you.
Leave me, Ill back off.

Youre so far from me.
But please look up the night sky once in a while
When youve lost your way,
the beautiful love like a star will protect you from a distant.

Just like that, I will watch over you forever.
You will live a life without me. Im like a star.
Please look for a person like a sun to have a bright love.
I will sparkle a little for you,
so that you can live quietly, forgetting daytime.
All is for the sake of my love to you.
Please forget me. Im far away from you.

I wish to protect you forever.
Being like a star is the best I can.
Even though I cannot be close to you,
I will cast a light to you from far endlessly.
Like a star, I will love you forever.

credit: marygold@soompi


Oct. 11th, 2008


3 more minutes to a new day!

training tmr at 9am. planning to reach earlier though.

anyway, since i have nothing much to say. will be sharing a video.

Solbi - Like A Star

credit: kkyang84 @ youtube

knew this song while i was watch 'We got married' epi 28. This epi is sad due to the leaving of Andy and Solbi couple. exactly set everyone in the studio crying.


Getting started!

Hi all!

okay, this is my first post in Live Journal. So i'm a little stuck at what to write over here. I need time to explore everything before i can really start my journal!so do be patience yahx?

Welcoming anyone to be my friends on Live Journal, feel free to add me!if possible, do leave me a comment whenever u visit my journal. thanks!

guess this is all for now. might update later! Ja!



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